Make Antigua and Barbuda your choice for that Special Occasion!

With the islands’ natural beauty, there are a host of stunning locations for you to choose for your ceremony. Most of the hotels have special flower-bedecked gazebos in exotic gardens overlooking the clear blue waters of the Caribbean or you could choose a perfect white sand beach, the romantic ruins of Shirley Heights or even take your vows on the deck of the yacht at sea.    Whatever you choose, you can be sure that the best day of your life will create memories that will last a lifetime.
With 365 beautiful soft sand palm fringed beaches, sparkling warm blue seas and superb scenery. Antigua and Barbuda is the perfect place for your wedding or honeymoon. The stunning natural beauty of the islands, their fascinating colonial past and a wealth of sporting and leisure activities, means that there is so much more for you to enjoy together – sailing, snorkeling, and diving onto coral reefs, discovering deserted beaches and romantic ruins. And in the evenings – dining alfresco on the finest seafood, dancing to the romantic Caribbean rhythms under the stars, walking barefoot across the white sand beach to your luxurious air-conditioned room- you’ll find that your wedding or honeymoon in Antigua and Barbuda will be everything you ever dreamed of.

Here are five reasons to say ‘I Do’ in Antigua and Barbuda:

  • These islands provide the ultimate setting for destination weddings and honeymoons with some of the world’s most romantic and secluded locations, with all the facilities and expertise available ensure you get married without any problems.
  • Your wedding can take place wherever and whenever you choose – from 6am right up until dusk at 8pm. Leave the cares and worries of everyday life at home and step into a relaxing world where all your dreams come true. Run barefoot on the sand, exchange vows on the deck of a sailboat or in a beautiful garden setting.
  • For many the classical beach wedding is the only option. Antigua and Barbuda pride themselves on their pristine pink and white sandy beaches and with 365 to choose from, there is something suit every taste. It is perfectly possible to paddle your feet in the waves as you confirm your love, with the sound of steel pan bands in the background.
  • For those looking for something off-the-beaten-track look no further than the famous Shirley Heights. Overlooking English Harbour, this location on an Antiguan cliff top offers breath taking panoramic views.
  • The special wedding packages offered in many of the islands’ hotels means that the cost of a destination wedding can be had at just a fraction of the cost. Most of the hotels have special flower-covered gazebos in exotic gardens overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

It’s just so simple…….The following are the regulations governing marriage by SPECIAL LICENSE in Antigua & Barbuda

Only two steps are necessary:
1)      The Ministry of Justice headquarters on Queen Elizabeth Highway, St John’s
The couple must attend before a Marriage Co-ordinator in the Ministry and sign a declaration at the end of the petition certifying that the information given is true and correct. There will be no further need for an affidavit in support of the petition.
2)      The Office of the Registrar:
In order to register the marriage and pay any fees due.
Legal Requirements
1)      Proof of identity
A valid passport OR a birth certificate and a photograph OR valid picture ID i.e. Driver’s license and immigration card.
2)      Proof of Status:
Single: A declaration signed in Antigua & Barbuda
Divorced:  The original Decree Absolute stamped with the seal of the court where it was issued OR a certified copy of the Decree Absolute which includes the seal of the Court where it was issued.
Widow/Widower: Marriage certificate AND Death certificate of husband or wife.
3)      Application
To be obtained from completed at and signed at the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, St. John’s. Both parties must be present at the time of application.
4)      Age Limit
All applicants must be over the age of eighteen unless parental consent, in writing, is submitted.
5)      Residency
There is no requirement for any period of residency in Antigua & Barbuda. Arrangements can be made immediately on arrival.
6)      Fees
a)      Special License: US$150 OR EC $405 to be paid on application.
b)      Registration Fee: US40 or EC$108 to be paid on application.
c)       Marriage Officer: Depending on location selected for ceremony US$100