Lionel Walker owns and operates Lamblion Holiday Apartment, since 2007.  Lionel was a teacher in Antigua Primary School and later gained certification as an electronic engineering technician from Radio College of Canada.  Lionel worked at Caribbean Relay Company as a transmitter technician for 24 years until 2005.  He was a Shop Steward for several years and was also an executive member of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union, attaining the office of the 3rd Vice President during 1990’s.  Lionel is a computer engineer and performed contract work for Dell Computers, Hewlett Packard as well as handling service contract for American Airlines, Sabre and Amadeus Travel Agents in Antigua, Montserrat and St. Kitts up to 2016.  Lionel holds an MBA from University of the West Indies, 2004.

The present focus of Lionel Walker is in the development of Antigua’s Tourism Product as he seeks to agitate for identifiable, measurable standards in the tourism industry.